Armand Beraru ארמנד בררו


“Armand Beraru is an industrious and restless artist in the positive meaning of the word. Never before have I encountered an artist who, like Beraru, carries with him such a strong impulse for self-expression. He is an artist in the realm of photography, his camera goes with him anytime, anywhere; his curiosity and fields of interests are boundless. With a wide perspective and a focused contemplation, he examines and surveys the most diverse subjects. Some are derived from the industry, others involve compositions and combinations of textures. This artist has even tried to capture the essence of spirit by following artists in the process of creating their works of art.
Beraru is one of the few photography artists who are members of the Israeli Association of Painters and Sculptors. Through his intensive activity and his great love, he carries out what we call the process of artistic creation.”

Zvika Yisrael
Chairman of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association
Haifa and the Northern District

“Armand Beraru wanders across Israel and around the world with his camera, documenting various scenes and places. He has a sharp eye, a great sense of composition, and most of all a joy for creation, an enthusiasm and a burst of energy that cannot leave the environment oblivious. His works touch the point where art meets life, requiring the viewer to pause, look, listen, and see things as they are in reality including all that they symbolize.”

Aviva Shemer
Artist and Curator of Exhibitions

“Armand Beraru knows how to observe, study and discover objects and details that others are unaware of. The results are surprising: textures of shapes and colors in interesting harmonies. In Beraru’s eyes, any industrial object becomes an enchanting artistic motif, both in texture and color, thanks to the professional experience he has acquired in the industry and to his insightful acquaintance with materials.
The renowned artist Andy Warhol discovered the power hidden in numerous repetitions of the same subject and kept reproducing it artificially. Beraru, on the contrary, finds successively recurring motifs in their natural sites, then passes on his own experiences to his viewers.”

Ruthy Segal
Artist and Curator of Exhibitions

“Photography was a wonderful hobby to Armand Beraru for many years.
After he retired, he became involved in artistic photography, and delved into this magical world. Beraru was blessed with a specially sensitive eye that perceives unusual situations with extraordinary agility.
The camera has become part of him, and accompanies him wherever he goes. He is able to make wonderful flashes of color, light, reflection, and perpetual movement, which he also manages to turn into moving works of art.
Beraru is one of those photographers whose sense of perception and sensitivity to beauty, color and movement can turn an artistic work into a rich and special language.”

Raya Cheyne
Artist and Curator of Exhibitions

“Armand Beraru is an outstanding photographer. His works are direct, accessible, straightforward, but most of all they are artistic, contemporary and reflective of a strictly human facet. They depict the power of a man’s soul that was neither spared pain, agony, hard work, love, nor ever lacked aspiration for creativity, materials, shape and color.
Beraru possesses an inquisitive eye and seems determined to reveal the immediate, to turn his works into a documentary experience “in the spirit of man” and to reflect the sight of everything he sees through the shutter of his camera like a magical, vibrating kaleidoscope. His vision and philosophy of life is an extensive chapter of many a year that depicts events, experiences, creation and activity in connection “to the spirit of man” and to the Artist.
The convergence of his wide scope and perspective completes the focus on sensitive everyday subjects, widens the eye and makes the heart sing.”

Moshe Novak
Artist and Curator of Exhibitions

“Beraru is one of those photographers who know how to tell personal stories by spotting the details that compose the industrialized, rushing, efficient, and in many cases impersonal – inhuman - urban site.
Beraru knows how to lose himself in the urban space of the city, then to single out a doorknob, a restaurant sign, a window grid, a bridge rail, an engulfed wooden title, the reflections of water in old stone tiles.
To me personally, as an artist who works with a useful form of art - which has always been considered the stepdaughter of the virtuous art -, the importance of Beraru resides in his ability to convey meaning and importance to the kind of little components that require a serious and selective personal observation of the multiple temptations and other extroverted forms of the city. Beraru carries on the traditions of those artists-photographers who take their camera and, like an artist, composer or sculptor, manages to create a world of colors, shapes, lines that cause the viewer to undergo a visual and emotional experience, and mainly establishes the importance of the pieces that assemble the whole.”

Lea Popper
Lecturer of the Arts

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